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Welcome to the Equestrian Outreach's Rescue Renier's PageRenierBefore & After

Renier's Story

Renier is a Thoroughbred, racetrack rescue horse. He was rescued by my friend and equine trainer Mindy Underhill. This rescue happened while on his way to a dog food plant, where people were hoping to render his nutritional value; his final contribution.
History After Renier stopped making money in horse racing; he was sold to someone who planned to turn him, with his spirit and love for jumping into a "Hunter Jumper Horse". A debilitating heart attack ended her plans and he was turned over to someone whose priorities were for drink and drugs and not for the welfare of the 25 horses in their care. Renier spent 6 months in abhorrent conditions, feet continually immersed in mud, persistent lack of food as well as being physically abused by horse and caretaker; this after a lifetime of racing abuse by trainers, handlers and jockeys. (Note - Racehorse Owner counters this opinion below)
Value?  When I first met Renier I failed to see his value. He could not walk, he was skin and bones. It was only after the insistence of Ms. Underhill did I adopt him. I brought Renier home, to an equestrian community and a flood of controversy. Controversies which ranged from the concern that I was abusing Renier or “everyone knows that Thoroughbreds are dangerous and that he should be put down; to the accusation that Ms. Underhill was a crook for selling a horse in such terrible condition. All of which helped me to realize how wide a range of opinions equestrians share and the need for a balanced and accurate source of equine / equestrian information.
Rehabilitation It took almost two years for Renier to become sound both physically and mentally. His knees will never be perfect because the racing industry insists on racing horses before their knees have properly developed. Because of this continual stress; racing and the training for racing, the term "racing knees" has emerged. Racing knees doom a horse with an increasingly debilitating and painful condition which there is no certain cure for. In spite of this condition, Renier loves to run, jump and rear in a celebratory dance of life and raises the potential to use this amazing self healing ability to help people.
Partnership During the two years of his rehabilitation, my fear of him, personal doubts and the pain of recent losses in my life began to dissolve along with his. I came to trust, appreciate and love his spirit, his quirky nature but most of all his capacity for love. An animal, who knew little kindness and care in his life, one with serious trust issues, began to trust and love me. Renier has the free spirit of a mustang and the gentleness with a child that makes him a marvel. He holds no ill will for his lifetime of mistreatment by people and brings healing and health to those who abused him. To me Renier represents the amazing relationship between humans and horses.

For the above reasons Renier is the equine ambassador for Equestrian Outreach and for all that it stands for.

Letter From A Concerned Race Horse Owner - A Second Opinion

Hi Michael, 

I'm so glad to connect with you on Face Book. I checked out your website, which is beautifully laid out. I want you to know that I am an active racehorse owner and breeder. We aren't all bad, actually most are good people who take better care of the horses than show or backyard horse people. None of my babies race or even have fast works until their knees have been x-rayed to be sure they have closed. I am there when they are born, I imprint, and they are raised more like pets than most horses because my husband and I have no human kids. All of our children have four legs and are furry :) We also give much love and care to our retirees, too. We own 3 horses in their 20s, one is 28 and all have forever homes. I wish you the best with your program and in educating newcomers into this wonder world of horses. What was your beautiful Renier's registered name (when he was racing)? I have a real weakness for grays! Half of our horses are gray :). Per your request I am attaching Renier’s history (Below)

Take care,
Name Withheld

I just looked up your boy, Renier. His registered name was Mr. Piano Man and he was foaled April 14, 2001 in Kentucky, bred by William Condren.

Sire: Rubiano (Fappiano x Ruby Slippers, by Nijinsky II)
Dam: Foggy Note Medley (Relaunch x Campanero, by Foolish Pleasure)

This is his race record:
Race Record in NA/US 
2003 5 2 0 0 $24,410 
2004 14 1 1 1 $14,542 
2005 3 1 0 0 $4,596 
Totals 22 4 1 1 $43,548 (SSI=0.66) 

His owner for all of his races was Eduardo H Martin
His last trainer was Jose F. Bobadilla at Penn National
His final race was March 9, 2005 where he was pulled up (dnf).

Mr. Piano Man (KY)

Penn National 3/09/05 Race 1 Claiming Chart 
Penn National 2/23/05 Race 2 Claiming Chart 
Penn National 2/05/05 Race 9 Claiming Chart 
Penn National 12/30/04 Race 8 Claiming Chart 
Penn National 12/04/04 Race 7 Allowance Chart 
Penn National 10/30/04 Race 7 Claiming Chart 
Penn National 10/08/04 Race 8 Claiming Chart 
Charles Town 9/26/04 Race 5 Allowance Chart 
Penn National 9/03/04 Race 9 Claiming Chart 
Penn National 7/31/04 Race 8 Allowance Chart 
Calder 6/07/04 Race 8 Allowance Optional Claiming Chart 
Calder 5/16/04 Race 7 Claiming Chart 
Gulfstream Park 4/01/04 Race 4 Claiming Chart 
Gulfstream Park 3/14/04 Race 10 Claiming Chart 
Gulfstream Park 2/22/04 Race 1 Claiming Chart 
Gulfstream Park 1/25/04 Race 5 Allowance Chart 
Gulfstream Park 1/03/04 Race 4 Claiming Chart 
Calder 11/29/03 Race 11 Mecke Stakes Chart 
Calder 9/29/03 Race 3 Allowance Chart 
Calder 9/07/03 Race 4 Maiden Claiming Chart 
Calder 8/09/03 Race 10 Maiden Special Weight Chart 
Calder 7/21/03 Race 6 Maiden Claiming Chart 

Racing Summary: 
Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings 
22 4 1 1 $ 43,548