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Equestrian Outreach Program Sponsorship Overview
(For reasons of safety, Equestrian Outreach programs embrace Dressage based student instruction and horse training) Equine Outreach, a Lake Helen, Florida based, not for profit organization (NPO) 501(c) (3) (Application for the 501(c)(3) IRS status is pending), is proud to proclaim our program sponsorships for fellow equestrians with an desire to help make a difference. The stated function of Equestrian Outreach is promotion and advocacy of safe equestrianism, equine and equestrian education; simply put “humans helping horses and horses helping humans, safely.

The follow is a list of our current programs along with a brief description, status and link for information about each program Including times and locations.
Equestrian Outreach Programs Links:
Sponsor a Child (Student) Program: This program works with children, both teens & pre-teens. The primary purpose of this program is to direct youthful energies and interests towards equestrianism and away from negative pursuits.

Adopt a Horse Program: Equine neglect and abuse. This is the dark side of the human horse connection. Help us to find homes for needy horses and prosecute those who abuse them.

Equine Assisted Therapy Program: Equine Assisted Therapy (Also known as: "Therapeutic Horseback Riding" or "Adaptive Riding") is an therapy which includes horses to dramatically improve a persons balance, coordination, focus, independence, confidence, motor and social skills. Therapeutic riding is beneficial to children and adults who are burdened any of a wide range of cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions. Equine assisted therapy is arguably the second most popular equestrian activity in North America.

Summer Camp Program: To be announced.

Cannas for Kids Program: What better way to do a beautiful thing (helping kids) than to sell beautiful flowers? Equestrian Outreach is working with local Canna growers and is able to apply 60% of the sale proceeds of these truly beautiful flowers towards helping children.

Cans for Kids Program: Cans For Kids - Helping children by helping the Earth.

Workshops Rider Instruction and Equine Training Programs:
                        Equine Safety Workshop: To be announced.
                        Lunging & Basic Training Workshop: To be announced.
                        Riding Discipline Demonstration Workshop: To be announced.

Vendor Listing Subscriptions: This web site is one the most comprehensive, accurate and balanced equestrian sites within the internet and vendor support makes it work. Click here to go to the Vendor Page to learn how to add, correct or remove vendor listings.

Program Sponsorships: How can I become a program sponsor? Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. all sponsor’s do receive photos, thank you letter, tax deduction receipt and regular progress reports.Business or foundation sponsors receive promotional consideration.

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Michael Martin
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