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Cave Drawing Image PlaceholderWelcome to the Equestrian Outreach Home Page

Humans helping horses to safely help humans! We believe that the humans / horses partnership is the most amazing partnership ever!

THANK YOU! To the millions of inquisitive and caring equestrians who have visited our site since our 2005 website makeover; thank you for all of your kind comments, corrections and suggestions and please continue to help improve this site. You are all proof positive that our relationships with horses are unlike any other. We are equestrians working together, regardless of discipline, to strengthen and improve our sport through a better understanding and subsequent treatment of horses. We hope that with your help and feed back; you find this site a complete, balanced, helpful and accurate information resource for the equestrian community while using our communities’ social media pressure to rehabilitate or eliminate self-serving, even dangerous equestrian vendors. Basically our programs help in the process of rescuing horses, undoing their damage and then using those rescued horses to help teach classic riding to people and ultimately re-homing those rescued horses with qualified Equestrian Outreach Organization (EOO) Students.

FUNDING: Although we are a non-profit organization and we solicit for tax free donations*, the bulk of the operating revenue for this site and our programs is generated by private funding and our site vendors, whose paid advertising (Fee For Service) on what is arguably the largest dedicated equestrian website on the internet and allows them access to our uniquely special visitors; people who love horses. Their participation is based on our website’s ‘visitor volume’, which we track. For details see below.

Please feel free to express your opinion on ways to improve this site as each of you is a vital part of the process. If you like and support our site please share it with your friends as participation by passionate equestrians like you "drives the motor"

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Una voce muttit: Multi Voices impetu !
(One Voice A Whisper; Many Voices A Roar!)

What is Equestrian Outreach Organization, Inc (EOO)? Begun in May of 2000, as an unnamed free rescue / riding program. Named Equestrian Outreach in 2005 and in 2015, we became Equestrian Outreach Organization, Inc. (501 c 3 NPO). We are an equestrian advocacy association. Our goals are as follows:

Information Resource: To provide a complete, balanced, accurate and dedicated equestrian information resource. Information created for and maintained by feedback from the international equestrian community.

Equine / Equestrian Advocacy: To advocate on behalf of all equestrians and our horses, in ways that improve the human / horse partnership (The most amazing partnership ever).

Vendor Funding: To fund these tasks through the support of our web site vendors. Vendors who participate based on the volume of visitors and patronage directed from our site.

Informing, Motivating and Directing Equestrian Consumers: To our vendors our goal is to direct informed and motivated equestrian patrons to you. We receive vendor support; you receive the benefit of EOO's positive cachet and exposure and the patronage of an ideal target market

Statement of Purpose:  Equestrian Outreach Organization, Inc. is a non-profit equestrian / equine educational advocacy organization operating out of Lake Helen, Florida. Our primary goal is to promote a balanced and proper human / horse partnership. We accomplish this through education, communication and information. 

Equine Rescue Program: EOO, rescues, re-trains and re-purposes abused horses. Then we use those horses to provide, at no charge, classic (English) riding lessons. Finally when suitable families are found within our program, we re-home selected horses to those families. EOO's goals are NOT to profit from the human horse partnership

Free Classic (English) Riding / Equine Therapeutic Riding Program: EOO’s free classic riding program is open to the public; to people of all ages, all incomes and physical and mental conditions. Having said that our primary focus is towards those who are disadvantaged, disabled, at risk or have special needs. EOO’s equine riding / therapy program is strictly based on the original and highly effective 2,500 year old classic riding discipline, as its instructional base. Equine Therapy is a highly effective therapeutic method for all but the most profound of human disabilities. Ideally, the emphasis taught in pure classic riding on: balance, core strength, focus, communication and discipline, make our brand of equine therapy exceptionally effective.

Community Service: Although our lessons are provided at no charge, EOO requires repayment in the form of community service. This requirement is based on the ability of each individual and varies. Since 2000, EOO has provided thousands of safe (Injury free) riding lessons to hundreds of EOO students and we have provided thousands of hours of community service.

EOO Program Accomplishments: EOO, our students, families, volunteers and supporters are exceptionally proud of our program and its accomplishments.  
            We have created the largest dedicated educational equestrian website in the world.
            We successfully (In part) lobbied in the State of Florida, for an equestrian helmet law.
            We are proud of our ongoing program to rescue horses, retrain and re purpose and re home them with EOO adoptive families.
            We are proud of the fact that 100% of those who operate within the EOO program are volunteers.  In this way 100% of our donations go to pay for program expenses.
            We are proud of the good work we have done since 2000, with all who wish to learn classic horsemanship.
            We are proud of our work with the disabled, disadvantaged, wounded warriors, at risk children and those with special needs.
            We are proud of the success of our program with (As of December of 2016, we are approaching 300 active students) and over a 16 year period having worked with over 450 students and have provided over 5,000 safe, and injury free individual lessons.
            We are proud to be able to use the growing popularity of our program to advocate for safe and fair practices and accountability within the equestrian commercial community.
            We are proud to be a part of a growing network of compassionate and caring business entities, utilizing the rehabilitative magic of quality of life for all people. the human horse partnership to improve the plight of humanity.

Additionally classic riding promotes







Vendors Who Support Equestrian Outreach

Equestrian Outreach Organization (EOO) Free Classic Riding Program Donations, Sponsorships and Paid (For Profit) Advertising Overview

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Who Pays for the Equestrian Outreach Organization (EOO)Free Classic Riding Programs?: Equestrian Outreach is a community based program. Working to use the power of classic equestrianism to help improve horses,horse people and horse communities. We use the magic of horses to help disabled people, at risk kids and at risk horses. (Click here for detailed information about our programs) Our funding comes from the kindness and compassion of the interested people and businesses who are listed and involved or who wish to be involved in some or all of what we represent. These types of funding come in two forms:

  1. Donations and Grants by EOO Program Sponsors: Although our student riding program is free, donations and program sponsors, help us sponsor our equestrian students. You pick the donation amount. Program sponsor’s with donations of $100.00 (US) or more will receive a selected photo of student in lesson, thank you letter, and access to regular progress reports. Business or foundation sponsors also receive promotional consideration.
  2. Paid Advertising by EOO Website Vendors: Vendors wishing to benefit from the the remarkable volume of visits to our website pay for their listings which appear on pages related to their service or product. The rates paid by these vendors are made based on their needs, and make up the bulk of our income. Click Here To Look At Our Vendor Listing Options
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Humans and Horses; A Relationship Like No Other

Humans and Horses; From Food to Friend - The histories of humans and horses have been intertwined since their paths; that of the first modern horses and of early Stone Age humans crossed in the Paleolithic Era over 40,000 years ago. First horses soon became a Stone Age menu item. Due to the amazing adaptability of both species we ‘domesticated’ each other. Selfishly, we protected horses while they quietly labored for us in agriculture. Soon we adapted horses for transportation and they allowed us to use them as our primary means of transportation. We took our horses to war and they bravely died along side us. In our growing partnership; horses, tempered with strength, willingness, courage and stamina, have shared our history. (Click here for more information about human horse history)

Humans Helping Horses; a Kinder and Gentler Partnership - Today, horses share a mixed partnership. Some horses are venerated and maintain a magical, heroic status; some horses are consumed, starved and abused to death.For the most part horses and humans have formed an amazing partnership. It can be argued that the Human - Equine partnership is one of the most successful in human history; as such we have an unpaid debt to horses.  We need to make sure that they are well fed and cared for. We need to think seriously about the dubious ethics of mistreating and consuming them. Once wild, free ranging and highly social, horses have mostly been relegated to confinement often with limited socialization. In spite of these conditions our partnership has produced stunning results. Today our horses are arguably smarter, stronger, healthier, bigger and smaller; with hundreds of different breeds. (Click here for more information on horse care)

Horses Helping Humans; Equine Magic - Lastly we need to allow them the opportunity to work their magic in a safe and productive environment. Today we better understand their “Equine Magic”. Combine that magic with children who are at risk and those children grow into happy, intelligent and productive adults. Combine Equine Magic with injured people and they get healthier and happier. (Click here for more information about our Equine Assisted Therapy Program)

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*Non Profit Status: Equestrian Outreach Organization Inc., is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) (Status as a 501(c) (3) ID(47-4218050)

1. Increased focus
2. Heightened sense of self confidence
3. Improved situational awareness
4. Improved cognitive ability
5. Improved observational skills 
6. Improved community perspective
7. Improved learning discipline
8. Improved respectful attitude
9. Improved emotional control

10. Deepened emotional connections 
11. All-inclusive sensory experiences
12. Increased mobility
13. Improved fine motor skills
14. Improved flexibility
15. Improved coordination
16. improving core strength
17. Increased circulation
18. Improving balance
19. improving posture